A 12-year-old’s Wrist Was Broken While Attempting To Keep An Attacker Out Of His Janesville Home

The Janesville Police Department detained a guy who, on Saturday, broke into a woman’s home and hurt a child.

According to Sgt. Thomas Northrop, at roughly 1:20 a.m., officers were dispatched to N. Washington Street, between Ravine Street and Laurel Avenue, in response to a 12-year-appeal old’s for assistance.

The 12-year-old claimed that while in her car, which was parked outside the house, he witnessed his mother being violently abused by her boyfriend. With the aid of her son and his friend, she was able to escape and enter.

Samuel Ryan, a 27-year-old assailant, followed the mother but failed to gain entry to the home.

Ryan “violently shoved his way into the house” despite the kids’ efforts to “keep the door closed.” Northrop claimed that during the incident, Ryan broke the door’s window and knocked over a child, breaking their wrist.

Ryan escaped the site before police arrived, but they located and arrested him the following day in Fort Atkinson.

While he awaited his court appearance, Ryan was detained in the Rock County Jail. He was charged on Monday afternoon with:

  • Injury to second-degree recklessness
  • recklessly causing severe harm to children is child abuse.
  • recklessly risking safety in the second degree
  • Criminal entry into a home
  • Criminal property damage
  • Disorderly behaviour
  • At Ryan’s first court appearance, a cash bond of $3,000 was set, with the restriction that he not speak to any of the victims. He was let go, according to the Janesville Police Department.

The Janesville police said Ryan “directed a 3rd party to contact one of the victims,” which they discovered from Ryan. Once more, Ryan was taken into custody, this time on three counts of bail jumping. For his initial court appearance on those allegations, which had not yet been filed as of Tuesday morning, he is back in the Rock County jail.

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