A $15k Surprise Gift From A Stranger Makes An Autistic Piano Prodigy Famous

Jude Kofie, an 11-year-old piano prodigy, became famous on Twitter after a stranger gave him a $15,000 grand piano as a present.

He is very exceptional. He’s on par with Mozart. The little Kofie’s musical aptitude, according to piano tuner Bill Magnusson, “is coming from somewhere beyond.”

After seeing Kofie perform on local news, Magnusson decided to buy the young pianist a $15,000 grand piano with the help of an inheritance from his father.

In a clip published on the CBS News program “Sunday Morning,” Kofie could be seen cheering as the grand piano was being pushed into his Colorado house for the first time.

Later, Kofie’s tale was succinctly summarized by CBS “Sunday Morning” in a tweet that gained over 10,000 likes and went viral. Jude Kofie, age 11, from Aurora, Colorado, surprised everyone by displaying a great aptitude when he found an old keyboard and just started playing without any instruction.

In response to the moving tale, Twitter users expressed their opinions. One reporter referred to Jude Kofie and his family as “wonderful people.”

You’re crying, not me, I’m sorry. What a wonderful deed of charity! Gilbert Villegas, an alderman in Chicago, tweeted.

Clay Travis, the founder of OutKick, urged his more than one million fans to see the heartwarming account of a young kid who was allowed to pursue his passion for the piano. “This story about an 11-year-old piano prodigy with autism is incredible.”

Danny New, the anchor for Denver 7 News, an ABC station, tweeted, “Proud to be the ‘local news story’ that brought these two together. Pictured with Jude Kofie and his father. Isaiah, Bill, and Jude are all extraordinary people.

Magnusson was inspired to assist Kofie after observing the youngster performing on the piano in a local news report. Magnusson was worried that Kofie wouldn’t be able to afford the assistance he required to advance as a pianist because he didn’t receive official training when he initially started playing.

What resources are still available to assist this unique young soul? Magnusson enquired. Magnusson has pledged to tune the piano once a month for the rest of his life for Kofie’s family.

We are now a family, he declared. Isaiah Kofie, the father of Jude Kofie, was astounded by Magnusson’s kindness.

All for nothing, he declared. Who is that person? Jude’s father enquired while clearly upset. Additionally, Isaiah Kofie expressed his sincere gratitude for Magnusson’s consideration of his son.

“We are very appreciative that someone would simply love your son like that by ensuring sure his future is safe.” Jude Kofie responded that it was “a miracle” when asked how to explain his once-in-a-generation aptitude on the piano.

He said, “That’s what I prefer.

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