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A 3-year-old Driving a Golf Cart Fatally Strikes and Kills Another Child

A 3-year-old Driving a Golf Cart Fatally Strikes and Kills Another Child

Police in Fort Myers, Florida, said a 7-year-old boy who was critically injured after he was hit by the golf cart driven by his 3-year-old brother has died. According to a news release from the Florida Highway Patrol, the 3-year-old boy who was driving the cart on private property on Orange River Boulevard on Monday crashed into his sibling as they were nearing a curve near a home on the street.

Little Brother, age 7, was outside waiting for them. The Florida Highway Patrol did not explain why a young youngster of 3 years old was operating a golf cart. The Florida Highway Patrol reports that the 7-year-old was taken to the hospital but eventually died there. Officials said the golf cart driver, a minor, was unharmed in the accident. The cops stated he wasn’t wearing a helmet or seat belt.

The event is currently being looked into by law enforcement. According to a 2021 study by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), more than 6,500 children are injured annually due to golf carts, with more than half of those injured being 12 years old or less.

The tweet below verifies the news:

The American Academy of Pediatrics found that males are more likely to sustain an injury than females; that most injuries occur in the neck and head; that superficial injuries are most common; and that more serious injuries, such as fractures and dislocations, are second most common.

Dr. Theodore J. Ganley, director of CHOP’s Sports Medicine and Performance Center and chair of the AAP Section on Orthopedics, said in a press release about the study, “I think it’s important that we raise awareness of the severity and types of injuries that golf carts pose to children including pre-adolescents, so that greater prevention measures can be instituted in the future.”

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