A 4 Crash On I-91 In Hartford Has Resulted In Serious Injuries

The southbound lanes of Interstate 91 in Hartford were closed after an incident involving four vehicles left several people with serious injuries.

According to the state police, officers reacted to a collision involving many vehicles that occurred close to exit 33.

The route was opened to traffic at approximately 11 o’clock at night on Monday.

At 6:26 in the evening, a report of the collision was made to the Department of Transportation.

At that time, there was a detour off exit 34 for the traffic.

According to the state police, the young man from Hartford, Connecticut, who was driving and was injured was the one who drifted into two other vehicles. A collision occurred between one of those and the fourth vehicle.

The adolescent was thought to have sustained injuries that were potentially life-threatening, so they were taken to a hospital in Hartford.
Anyone who saw the collision is urged to get in touch with the state police at the following number: 860-534-1098.

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