A 42-year-old Woman Who Beat Up A 13-year-old Boy After He ‘pointed An Air Rifle At Boyfriend’ Avoids Jail

Despite beating a 13-year-old child after accusing him of aiming an air weapon at her boyfriend, a marketing employee was not sentenced to jail time.

Lavinia Pinner, 42, believed the adolescent was threatening her partner outside the boy’s Cheshire house, so she punched, kicked, scratched, and bit him as he was slamming his head against a wall.

The teenager, who is known to Pinner but who cannot be named, had extensive bruising to his arms and back, as well as cuts, scratches, and bite marks on his elbow. He also had his face covered in cuts and bruises.

The event happened on July 20 of last year after a fight between Pinner and her unidentified boyfriend and the boy when they went to his house after a night of ten-pin bowling.

The boy’s father reportedly purchased the gun for him, and Pinner said in court that the metal pellets it discharges have the potential to “kill someone.”

During the incident at his home, she also broke the teenager’s iPhone.

After entering a guilty plea to assault resulting in actual bodily harm, criminal damage, and unrelated offences of ketamine possession in Warrington magistrates court, Pinner of Macclesfield was given an 18-month prison sentence as per sentencing guidelines.

Pinner, a mother of two, sobbed as she received a 12-month prison sentence with an 18-month suspension in place of a jail sentence.

She was also mandated to participate in 35 days of therapeutic work with the probation department.

The prosecutor, Miss Laura Simpson, stated: “The defendant attacked the victim after the argument. The defendant entered the victim’s bedroom while the victim was there and began to assault him.

She damaged his bedroom by hurling objects around and destroyed his iPhone. He had been struck by her and scratched. Additionally, she had twice bit him and slammed his head against a wall.

“After the incident, the victim went to the doctor. There was a facial scratch, as well as cuts on his left hand, collarbone, nose, and behind his ear.

He had bruises on his arms and back, as well as bite marks on his elbow and back. After the defendant was taken into custody, a tiny bag containing ketamine was discovered on her person.

Pinner was previously convicted of drinking and driving in 2019. She said during the hearing that her husband had purchased a large firearm for him. They include metal pellets, making it possible to truly kill someone if you shot them in the face. My head just disappeared at that exact instant when he was pointing a gun into someone else’s face.

No one is more regretful than I am for what I have done, I just want to say that.

“I have no actual memory of what occurred that evening. I endured mental abuse for more than 20 years, but I am aware of the wrong I have done. I can only express my sincere regret for what I did, and I was also astonished by it.

JP Alf Bean, who handed out Pinner’s sentence, referred to the incident as “particularly appalling” because “it was a vulnerable child age barely 13 at the time.”

“You may have been concerned that he put the pellet-type pistol in your partner’s face and that it might have killed someone, but the fact is that you cannot act in the same manner toward any child and expect to get away with it without receiving the full force of the law,” he continued.

“We believe this has passed the custody line, so you will receive a jail term for this offence,” the judge said.

We have, nevertheless, chosen to grant you the benefit of a suspended sentence order after great consideration.

Therefore, even though there is a custodial sentencing order, you won’t be going to jail today, but you might in the future, depending on how well you follow the order.

“You were biting, scratching, biting, pushing, and striking him. It was totally inappropriate. For the next 18 months, the sword of Damocles is now hanging over your head.

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