A 6-year-old Used His Mother’s Gun To Shoot A Virginia Teacher

According to investigators, the 6-year-old Virginia kid who shot his teacher used a 9-millimeter handgun that his mother had legally bought. At a news conference on Monday, more information about the school shooting that injured 25-year-old teacher Abby Zwerner was revealed. On the day of the incident, the child brought the gun with him in his bag from his house to school.

“Based on what we know now, she was instructing. He pointed a gun while displaying it, then he fired one round.
Drew had previously stated that the shooting was not an accident and had declined to elaborate, but he now says he wants to clarify comments he made on Friday immediately following the shooting when he claimed that the youngster and the first-grade teacher had engaged in an “altercation.” Instead, he claimed that before the shooting at Richneck Elementary School, the two had more of an “interaction.”

When the gun went off, Zwerner raised her hand in defense; the bullet passed through her hand and entered her upper chest, according to Drew. Although her injuries were initially thought to be life-threatening, they have now improved, and a hospital has rated her condition as stable. Zwerner was praised as a hero by the police chief for hurrying her kids out of the classroom while being shot. She was the last person to leave her classroom, he claimed, according to CCTV footage.

“She made sure all of the children had left that room. To make sure her students were secure, she was the last person to leave after being shot, according to Drew. After hearing the gunshot, a school official reportedly dashed into the classroom and forcibly restrained the youngster. According to Drew, the youngster became “a little belligerent” and hit the worker. Officers arrived and led him into a police cruiser before leading him out of the structure.

An emergency custody order and temporary detention order were granted on Friday, and since then the youngster has been kept at a medical institution, according to Drew. He stated that a judge will decide the boy’s future course of action. He added that although the boy’s mother has been questioned by police, it is unknown if she will ultimately be charged.

“Drew claims that the child’s mother legitimately purchased the rifle in York County. The student’s acquisition of the weapon and entry of it into Richneck Elementary are still mysteries. Although there were several shots in the gun’s magazine, Drew claims that just one round was discharged. A backpack and a cell phone were also taken by the authorities from the site, according to WAVY-TV.

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