A 60-year-old Man Was Detained After Seeking A Relationship With A Teen Girl

According to the San Antonio police, a guy in his 60s was arrested after pursuing a romantic relationship with a teenage girl who lived next door to him and asking for sexual images and films of the two of them.

On Thursday afternoon, Troy Lycan was arrested and transported to the Bexar County Jail. He is accused of internet solicitation of a juvenile with the intent to satisfy and excite the minor.

The accusation is the result of a probe that lasted for two months and was conducted by the Human Exploitation Unit of the San Antonio Police Department. The probe focused on Lycan and a disabled girl who was 15 years old.

The parents of the teenager reportedly informed the police that Lycan, who lived next door to them, was involved in a romantic connection with their daughter.

Lycan befriended the young lady and eventually provided her with his contact information. According to the San Antonio Police Department, he sent her a number of messages and would engage in video chatting with her before she would go to sleep or at other times when she was not wearing any clothing.

During the video chats, Lycan would also ask the youngster to capture movies or images of herself, and some of their discussions would finish with Lycan saying, “I love you.” This information was provided by the police.

He was heard addressing the journalists, “It’s all falsehoods. It’s all lies,” as the officers were transporting Lycan to the jail. It’s all a bunch of lies.”

If he is proven guilty, he faces a criminal charge of the third degree, which carries a sentence of between two and ten years in jail.

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