A 7-year-old Boy From Spring Was Found Dead In A Washing Machine After Being Visited By Child Protective Services Investigators Twice

A 7-year-old Boy From Spring Was Found Dead In A Washing Machine After Being Visited By Child Protective Services Investigators Twice: In the months leading up to the 7-year-death, old’s Child Protective Services investigators spoke with Troy Khoeler several times, but each time they left without concluding the child had been abused. Troy’s adoptive parents are accused of killing the boy and leaving him inside their washing machine.

The Texas Department of Family & Protective Services released findings from a department investigation into the boy’s death on Tuesday, giving the most comprehensive account yet of Khoeler’s troubled life. These findings included the separation from his biological mother due to alleged drug use concerns and several visits investigators made after receiving reports about bruises on the child.

According to HoustonChronicle.com, a body thought to be that of a missing Oklahoma parent was discovered nearby.

The report is the last component of the inquiry into Khoeler’s case, department representatives said when asked for additional comment.

Tiffani Butler, a department spokesman, declared that “the CPS investigation is finished.” More than what is in the fatality report, there is no other information currently available to the public about the case or DFPS rules.

Koehler was initially noticed by Child Protective Services in 2015 after investigators learned of certain worries for the child. The mortality report lists a few of them: he displayed withdrawal symptoms, a blood test performed after his delivery revealed the presence of opioids and benzodiazepines, and his biological mother admitted to pill abuse while she was pregnant.

The newborn and his mother had both resided with the mother’s family, the article said.

According to the article, Khoeler, whose last name was spelled “Koehler” in other accounts, was also hospitalized throughout the probe because his ability to thrive was reportedly questioned. Investigators were allegedly concerned about his biological mother’s refusal to take him to regular medical appointments and her comprehension of his feeding regimen.

Koehler was ultimately taken from his mother and placed in a foster home before being adopted, according to the article.

Jemaine Thomas, 42, and Tiffany Thomas, 35, adopted Khoeler in 2019, according to the police.

Then, on January 14, according to his death report, Child Protective Services was informed that someone had seen Khoeler bruising around his eyes. According to the report, the boy’s claim that he got injuries from being hit by a toy while playing with his cousin was not accepted by the authorities.

According to the report, Khoeler and his adoptive mother told detectives he had a black eye from falling off his bed and hitting his face on a nightstand about two months prior. The article also stated that his adoptive father claimed he had hurt himself while playing football with his cousin.

According to the article, Khoeler’s relatives informed authorities a burn mark on his back appeared during a family event in 2020.

Ultimately, the agency decided it couldn’t prove the boy’s adoptive parents had harmed him because, according to the report, of medical experts, his injuries were vague and might have been brought on by accidents.

After someone saw Khoeler had scratches and bruises on his face and neck on March 31, the department once more received a complaint regarding probable abuse, according to the complaint.

Koehler provided investigators with a variety of excuses for the injuries, including that he had fallen on concrete and that his cousin had shoved him, according to the report. The youngster reportedly also requested that his laptop not be sent home with him after his adoptive father allegedly tried to break it.

According to a report, authorities were unable to conclusively determine if the injuries were caused by abuse in the second probe in less than a year.

Then, in July, a washing machine contained the body of Khoeler.

The Spring couple was detained by deputies from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in November. According to Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, Jemaine Thomas has been accused of killing Khoeler with the intent to kill. A child injury by omission charge has been brought against Tiffany Thomas.

After going missing on July 28, Khoeler was discovered dead in the family’s washing machine a few hours later. Police scoured the Birnam Wood neighborhood for hours before finding him dead after receiving a missing person complaint at 5:20 a.m. Investigators said that Khoeler was discovered inside a top-load washing machine in the garage while still wearing all of his clothes.

In the days following Koehler’s passing, the couple was questioned by police; however, no charges were filed against them right away.

Before detaining the pair, the sheriff’s office, according to Gonzalez, performed a thorough month-long investigation.

In the end, only the inquiry carried out by Youngster Protective Services following Khoeler’s demise was able to establish that his adoptive father had mistreated the child, according to the article.

Tiffany Thomas’ next scheduled appearance is on February 14, 2023, while Jemaine Thomas’ is on December 16 in Harris County District Court.

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