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A 76-year-old M*rders His Wife and Then Shoots Deputies

A 76-year-old Murders His Wife and Then Shoots Deputies

A 76-year-old Murders His Wife and Then Shoots Deputies

State officials say a man in Georgia who was accused of shooting his wife was killed when he turned the gun on deputies.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says it happened around 9 p.m. on Saturday, May 13, when Coweta County officers were called to a home in Senoia because there was a fight between family members.

The man, 76-year-old Michael Adams, shot and killed his wife, and when police arrived, he was still armed. Investigators say that they told him to put down the gun, but he didn’t.

The GBI said that Adams then pointed the gun at the deputies, causing two of them and a responding cop to open fire. He was hit, and he died right there.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Investigators said in a news release that a medical report is still coming.

The GBI said that Adams’s wife was taken to a hospital. As of May 15, no one knew what was wrong with her.

The police said that the probe is still going on.

About 40 miles southwest of the center of Atlanta is the town of Senoia.

Gun Violence in the U.S.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that every year in the U.S., thousands of people die from gun accidents.

“Firearm injuries are a serious public health problem,” said officials. “In the United States, there were 45,222 gun-related deaths in 2020. That’s about 124 gun-related deaths every day.”

In 2020, the CDC said that gun injuries were one of the major causes of death for people between the ages of 1 and 44.

Experts say, though, that gun violence has more effects than just the number of people who die from it.

“Firearm violence has effects that go beyond the victims and their families,” says the CDC. “Shootings in homes, schools, places of worship, workplaces, shopping areas, on the street, or at community events can make people feel less safe and secure and change how they make decisions in their daily lives.”

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