A Black Bear Att@cked a Woman and Left Her With Major Injuries

On Friday morning, a black bear “swiped” at a woman staying in a cabin near Nisswa, Minnesota, severely injuring her, as reported by local authorities. According to a press release from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, the woman was att@cked after she let her dog out of the cabin just after midnight.

“She went into the yard to check on the dog and the bear swiped at her, striking her in several places,” and left the area after the incident, the release said. Despite suffering “serious but not life-threatening” wounds, the woman was able to be treated and discharged from the hospital.

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, this is the first complaint of bear activity in the area this spring. Staff at the department believe “the bear likely was startled by the quick appearance of the dog in the middle of the night and then swatted the woman as a way to defend itself.”

The news can be confirmed by the tweet below:

A conservation officer said in a press statement that they are “monitoring the area for bears that may pose a threat to public safety,” but that “black bears are rarely aggressive and attacks on people are uncommon.”

According to the department, this is the tenth documented bear att@ck in Minnesota since 1987 that resulted in significant injury to a human. No one has been k!lled in any of the attacks so far. According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, black bears are the only native bear species in the state.

The average weight of an adult is around 300 pounds. Minnesota is home to between 12,000 and 15,000 black bears, according to the state’s wildlife department. About 3,000 of these bears are annually slaughtered by licensed hunters. Approximately 150 miles from Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Nisswa can be found in north-central Minnesota.

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