A Candlelight Vigil Honors A Mother Of 2 Who Was Discovered Dead After A ‘Domestic Argument’

Family members gathered on Sunday night at Lonnie C. Miller Park in Jacksonville to pay tribute to a mother of two, 42, who passed away last month following what the police described as a “domestic incident.”

Velvet Brown-Anderson passed away on Thanksgiving Day, according to her cousins, but it wasn’t until the following Friday that her body was discovered in the Edgewood Manor area.

Currently, Brown-body Anderson’s is being kept at the coroner’s office. Her family and friends thought that a candlelight vigil was the best way to unite the neighborhood to show love for Brown-Anderson, who is survived by two children until her body can be released for a funeral.

Now, those kids will miss their mother over Christmas.

The day after Thanksgiving, according to the police, she was discovered dead at a residence off Katanga Drive. The manner of her death is unknown. The suspect and person of interest in the woman’s death, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, was a guy who contacted the police on that Friday.

In a later interview with News4JAX, Roger Wright, the father of one of Brown-daughters, Anderson’s named the person who contacted the police as Brown-approximately Anderson’s nine-year-old husband.

Due to the ongoing nature of the investigation and the fact that he has not yet been charged with any crimes, News4JAX is withholding the identity of that man.

Brown Anderson’s sister, Janae Collins, is seeking clarification over her sister’s passing.

We desire fairness. We want it to be able to be put to rest so that it can recover fully. And since we remain trapped in it without knowing anything, we are unable to heal. In order to finally know that she was laid to rest quietly, we simply want it to be over, Collins added.

After talking to the husband, News4JAX learned that he did not want to remark on what took place when his wife passed away.

Roger Wright remarked, “Nobody deserves to die like way. “My partner and I have a daughter. My daughter will have a voice because of me.

Investigators stated that they think domestic violence played a role in the woman’s death.

Brown-Anderson and Tamra Jordan were classmates in high school, and Tamra Jordan reported that the two stayed close over time. Brown-Anderson, she remarked, was “very lovely.”

Our PE classes were held jointly. We would giggle while chatting. She was modest,” Jordan remarked.

Brown-Anderson would confide in Jordan, according to Jordan, about their relationship.

Jordan continued, “I was also hearing they were having issues here and there, arguing quite a bit.

According to her relatives, her spouse is not currently in custody and the inquiry is still active.

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