A Caretaker Is Charged For Robbing $30k From A Guy In Greensburg

According to the court documents, a former caretaker for an elderly man who lived in Greensburg is suspected of stealing $31,600 from that guy between the months of May and September.

Gede L. Stewart, age 48, of Greensburg was arrested on Thursday and charged with forgery, theft, access device fraud, and other connected charges. The financial exploitation of an older adult or a care-dependent person is a federal crime.

After discovering in September that many checks had been used to take more than $30,000 from his bank account, the guy, who receives daily care from aides and other individuals, is reported to have informed the Greensburg police department of the situation.

According to the court documents, bank records revealed that Gede Stewart was the recipient of 44 checks with sums ranging from $18 to $990. These checks were drawn out to Stewart.

The authorities were able to verify that the man’s signature and the signature on the checks were not identical by making a comparison between the two. According to the court documents, an investigation of Stewart’s bank records revealed that she deposited 16 checks with a combined amount of $11,000.

When Stewart was informed by authorities that she was a suspect, she demanded legal representation and verified to them that she had cared for the man for around six months. She had not been arraigned, and there were no court proceedings planned for the day.

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