A Child In Ohio Dies One Month After Returning Home After Being Abducted

An infant who was recently returned to his mother following an alleged kidnapping passed away on Saturday.

Authorities claim that a woman stole a car with Ky’air Thomas and his twin brother Kason still inside. They were later discovered alive. According to Columbus police, both boys were sent back to their mother’s house in Ohio last month.

Police from Columbus were called to a house on Saturday after hearing that a baby was not breathing. After being transported to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Ky’air was declared dead, according to the police.

It is unknown what caused the death.

On December 19, outside a restaurant in the Short North neighbourhood, Nalah Jackson is charged with stealing the 2010 Honda Accord, which had both of the twins inside. Jackson was taken into custody after Ky’air was apprehended at the Dayton International Airport, but Kason was still missing.

Kason was eventually discovered inside the Honda Accord, which had been abandoned in Indianapolis close to a Papa John’s restaurant.

Shyann Belmar claimed to have given Jackson a lift to a gas station on December 20 and later discovered her picture on Facebook in relation to the kidnapping charges, according to NBC affiliate WCMH of Columbus.

Belmar stated, “Something told me she looks like the girl that was in my car. But until I could find out where I knew her from, I wouldn’t move from the photo, and I’m thinking, ‘I hope I don’t know her.

Belmar told WCMH that because she and Jackson had exchanged phone numbers, she and her cousin Mecka Curry planned to take Jackson to several different places before calling the police to report their whereabouts.

After Jackson was taken into custody, the two women claimed they went out to lunch and saw Kason’s Honda.

Last month, local law enforcement filed two kidnapping charges against Jackson. She was charged by a federal grand jury this month on two counts of kidnapping.

According to court records, no plea has been entered in the federal case yet. According to Franklin County inmate records, Jackson’s state case has a court date on Tuesday, but it was not immediately clear if she had entered a plea.

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