A Child Will Donate an Organ After an Ice Cream Van Cr@shed Into an Apartment in Kenner

The organ donation of a 12-year-old kid could save as many as eight people’s lives. Adrian Fajardo, a resident of Kenner, Louisiana, was critically injured while playing computer games at home when a speeding ice cream truck plowed into his house.

His family made the courageous and unselfish decision to donate his organs on Thursday, and they made the announcement. On Wednesday, they got the news that Adrian was officially brain de@d. Adrian was an exceptional child. “Adrian has always been very special to us,” said Luis Maradiaga, Adrian’s uncle.

The tweet that can be found below provides confirmation of the news:

His loved ones described him as a bright, enthusiastic, and religious 12-year-old. “He was joyful, he was extremely happy all the time,” recalled Joel Orellana, another of Adrian’s uncles.

Because his parents were faced with an unthinkable choice after realizing their kid was brain-de@d, Orellana and Maradiaga said their dearly departed nephew will now live on via others. “Decided they are going to donate his organs to try and save as many people as they can,” Orellana said.

On a Saturday afternoon, when Adrian was playing computer games in his room, a speeding ice cream truck slammed through the apartment building next door. The reason why remains unclear. Michael Mansoor, the 71-year-old driver of the ice cream truck, was arr*sted by the Kenner police for reckless driving and negligent injury.

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“The legal matters we will be dealing with when we get a chance,” Orellana said. “Our question was why, but God has a purpose for everything. Right now Adrian is becoming a hero. His legacy will live for a long, long time. He will be an organ donor and that’s a beautiful thing,” Maradiaga said.

A Child Will Donate an Organ After an Ice Cream Van Cr@shed Into an Apartment in Kenner
A Child Will Donate an Organ After an Ice Cream Van Cr@shed Into an Apartment in Kenner

Pastor Luis Behrhorst of Berbo Church, who is also a transplant recipient, greatly influenced the family’s decision to donate his organs. “I’m a recipient. I have a kidney and pancreas,” Behrhorst said. The fact that Adrian will be able to give others the gift of life has brought great solace to Adrian’s family.

“He’s going to give life like a new star in heaven but he’s going to shine in earth through different people,” Behrhorst said. Although Adrian’s brain was gravely injured, his family reported that the medical staff was surprised to find that the rest of his organs were unharmed.

“According to the medical staff, his organs didn’t suffer any damages. That’s where the miracle is,” Maradiaga said. The cause of the accident is yet unknown. The driver told Kenner police that the van abruptly accelerated and the gas pedal was stuck, but a forensic examination of the van by a court-certified mechanic proved otherwise.

The suspect’s accusations will certainly increase from negligent hurting to negligent homicide after the coroner determines that the infant is de@d.

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