A Criminal Couple Goes On A Tinder Date That Turns Into A $3k Armed Robbery

Arizona police say a man was robbed of thousands of dollars by an armed duo during a stickup that began as a Tinder match.

According to the authorities, the male victim checked into his Embassy Suites hotel room in Phoenix last month after he matched with a lady named “Sonya” on the dating-app.

A Criminal Couple Goes On A Tinder Date That Turns Into A $3k Armed Robbery
A Criminal Couple Goes On A Tinder Date That Turns Into A $3k Armed Robbery

According to Fox 10, which cited a police report, the victim entered the room expecting to meet a potential date but was instead greeted by the two accused.

According to the report, the male suspect, identified as Jose Sandoval Jaquez, threatened the victim with a revolver and demanded that he hand over his cell phone and other personal items.

The man had to hand up his identification documents, bank account and social media credentials, and PIN numbers.

After the victim complied with the suspects’ demand, they stole his car and made off to rob a neighboring Chase Bank.
The unknown person “continued to have the revolver out and gave directions for the victim while they drove his car to the bank,” according to the police report. The victim reported that $900 was stolen from his Chase Bank account via drive-through on September 17 and that a total of $3,000 had been stolen from his account from the onset of the event.

Authorities said the suspects used their real identities at the hotel and when they withdrew money from the victim’s account, leading to their identification as Jaquez, 32, and Crystal Hulsey, 33, CBS 5 reported.
The station stated that the couple drove the victim’s automobile to California and then to Las Vegas, where local police attempted to stop them. Reportedly, the two jumped out of the car and ran, eventually hitching a ride back to Phoenix.

A firearm was apparently discovered in the victim’s vehicle on September 25.

According to the complaint, later that same week, Phoenix police found an online escort ad that matched Hulsey’s number and arranged to see the woman. According to Fox 10, police attempted to make an arrest of Hulsey and Jaquez when they arrived at the La Quinta Inn in a Nissan Rogue driven by Jaquez.

Police said that during the high-speed pursuit, the duo carjacked another driver and tried to leave once again.

According to Fox 10, their attempt to evade police was foiled when their car crashed into another traveling in the opposite direction on the highway. They apparently attempted to steal another vehicle, but this time police intervened and arrested them.

Jaquez told cops, “he knew this would come back to get him,” Fox 10 reports.

Assault, armed robbery with a deadly weapon, robbery, and two counts of car theft are all allegations against Hulsey and Jaquez.

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