A Detroit-based business has won a nationwide grant competition for black-owned enterprises.

A tiny firm in Detroit has been awarded a national grant for Black entrepreneurs. Famous Amos and the National Black Chamber of Commerce contributed to the funding.

“It means a great deal to me,” Brittany Rhodes, owner of Black Girl MATHgic, said.

Rhodes spent 20 years as a math tutor before launching her firm, Black Girl MATHgic, which distributes math boxes monthly. Each package contains both enjoyable goods and educational aids. Additionally, it has an inspirational narrative of a Black female mathematician.

“I curate the experience around their story and how they implemented their math degree,” Rhodes explained.

The company’s mission is to excite young Black females while simultaneously teaching them critical math skills.

“When we saw for those who are regarded the most vulnerable or least among us, we recognized that everyone benefited,” Rhodes explained.

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Her firm has transported over 4,500 boxes to 35 states and Canada thus far. Black Girl MATHgic was awarded a $50,000 grant due to her narrative through a nationwide competition for Black-owned companies.

“It matters a lot since several statistics indicate that Black-owned enterprises and Black entrepreneurs receive less than 1% of available funding in a given pot,” Rhodes explained.

Rhodes intends to use part of the funds to create a box for young boys and maybe recruit some staff to aid in the growth of her modest Detroit-based business.

“When individuals who have previously been unable to obtain chances obtain them, everyone benefits,” Rhodes stated.

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