A Family Sues For Wrongful Death After A Woman Dies In Jail At The Tarrant County Jail

A legal lawsuit asserts that “policies, practices, and customs” at the Tarrant County Jail caused the wrongful death of a woman who had mental health difficulties.

On September 14, 2021, in the early hours, Georgia Kay Baldwin was not breathing or moving in her cell. About an hour after she was discovered, she was brought to a hospital and later declared dead. Baldwin’s death was ruled to have been caused by “severe hypernatremia,” according to the federal complaint, which was filed on Thursday.

A person with hypernatremia, which is frequently caused by not drinking enough water, has a high quantity of salt in their blood. Baldwin passed away when she was 52 years old.

The tweet below confirms the incident of Georgia’s Death:

According to the lawsuit, Baldwin’s family members are requesting financial compensation for their losses as a result of her passing. Tarrant County is the only defendant listed in the action, which was submitted to the U.S. District Court for north Texas.

According to county court documents, Baldwin was detained in April 2021 on suspicion of making a terroristic threat to a judge or peace officer.

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The lawsuit claimed that she was incarcerated in Tarrant County Jail and had been determined to be incompetent to stand trial. According to the lawsuit, Tarrant County informed a magistrate that Baldwin might have a mental condition in April 2021.

It was “clear to everyone involved,” according to the lawsuit. Baldwin spoke of her mental health issues and the rambling voicemails she left for an Arlington police officer.

The lawsuit claims that Tarrant County was aware that Ms. Baldwin had a significant mental condition from the moment she was detained.

According to the lawsuit, a Lubbock police report from 2018 “indicated in part” that Baldwin was “apparently not mentally sound and/or coherent,” and an Arlington police detective also discovered that.

During her initial detention, one of Baldwin’s sons reportedly expressed concern that she might be experiencing a “mental health episode,” according to court records.

Nevertheless, the lawsuit claimed that she was charged with a crime and arrested “as would be a competent and coherent person.”

According to the lawsuit, Baldwin was ordered into a “competency restoration program” at Tarrant County Jail after a psychiatric evaluation from June 2021 revealed she lacked the mental capacity to stand trial.”

In July 2021, when Baldwin completed the program, she “was required to be transported to a North Texas state hospital for the remainder of her 120-day commitment.”

In contrast, “Tarrant County chose to continue incarcerating (Baldwin) in a small cell, where she could not see through a window or view other human beings,” the lawsuit claimed.

The lawsuit claimed that “policies, practices, and customs” at Tarrant County Jail prevented Baldwin from receiving the assistance she required while she was detained. Additionally, it claimed that the jail has a “custom and pattern of indifference,” and it provided details of inmate fatalities and injuries that occurred there over a ten-year period.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that 14 individuals have passed away at the Tarrant County Jail since January 2022.

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