A Father Was Detained In Indiana After A Video Showed A Toddler Using A Gun

After a youngster, who was purportedly his son, was seen holding and pointing a gun outside their apartment building, an Indiana man was detained over the weekend.

The Beech Grove, Indiana, resident Shane Osborne, 45, is accused of felony neglect of a dependent child. The arrest was documented on the reality television program “On Patrol: Live,” which follows police officers while they work.

Authorities were summoned on Saturday after a neighbor in the apartment complex where the young person was found clutching the weapon in a hallway dialed 911.

The unnamed boy can be seen pointing the gun and squeezing the trigger. According to police, the gun’s chamber was empty. He didn’t seem to have any injuries.

The events you are witnessing are “nearly inexplicable,” according to Beech Grove Deputy Police Chief Robert Mercuri.

“Even though I knew the conclusion when I watched the film the following day, I was still terrified. You notice that you need to catch your breath. I don’t understand how anyone, the parent or not, could view that movie without being startled and horrified.”

Osborne apparently claimed he didn’t have a gun when questioned by authorities. The boy was purportedly observed alone in a corridor playing with a firearm after police reviewed home security footage given to them by a neighbor, the TV show claimed in a press release.

After watching that footage, Nicole Summers’ neighbor told WTHR-TV, “Ohhhh, you can’t, you can’t unsee that.” He only continued to say, “Pow, pow, pow, pow.”

Osborne was arrested after authorities took a semiautomatic Smith & Wesson 9mm revolver from him, according to Fox 59.

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