A Florida Guy Stabs His Mother To Death Because She “Never Pushed Him To Be A Man”

When he confessed to killing his mother by repeatedly stabbing her, a guy from Florida gave a strange explanation for his actions.

When questioned about the motive behind his mother’s death, 21-year-old Matthew Sisley responded that his mother “never pushed [him] to be a man.”

On November 29, at approximately 4:13 p.m., deputies in Osceola County received a complaint of a probable stabbing that took occurred in the town of Kissimmee.

According to Sheriff Marcos Lopez, deputies were dispatched to a residence located at the intersection of Oak Hill Trail and Myrtle Oak Lane.

According to the authorities, when they arrived, they discovered a woman who had yet to be recognized lying dead on the floor of the living room and another woman whose hands had been severely cut.

Sisley had blood on his hands when he was discovered “a short distance away” from the scene of the stabbing. He admitted to stabbing both his mother and sister, one on purpose and one by accident. He also admitted to stabbing his sister.

A short time later, he was questioned by authorities about the homicide during the investigation. The question that was posed to Sisley was, “Do you believe that your mom deserved to get stabbed?”

“Yes,” was the response he gave.

Sisley gave the following response when asked why: “Because she never pushed me to be a man.”

He did not explain what that meant or why it prompted him to stab her to death, but he did say that he had killed her. The investigator then inquired as to whether or not the suspect was sorry for his actions.

In response, Sisley stated, “No.” I would go through with it again.’ Soon after that, he was taken into custody and charged with aggravated violence while armed with a deadly weapon.

There may be additional charges brought. The sheriff’s department made it clear that this was a singular occurrence in their statement.

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