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A Florida Woman Was Accused of Shoplifting When Her Car Caught Fire With Her Children Inside

A Florida Woman Was Accused of Shoplifting When Her Car Caught Fire With Her Children Inside

Police in Oviedo, Florida, said they have arrested a lady they say was shoplifting while her children sat in a burning car while she was inside. According to the Oviedo Police Department’s arrest report, Alicia Moore, 24, parked in a Dillard’s parking lot at around noon on May 26 and left her two children inside.

According to the report, Moore and an unidentified guy proceeded inside the store and were seen by loss prevention agents while they stole merchandise for approximately one hour. Moore allegedly dropped the stolen goods and rushed out of the store when she saw her burning car as she was leaving.

According to the story, shoppers saw the fire and pulled the kids out of the building. One of the kids sustained first-degree burns “to her face and ears,” and both kids were sent to Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital.

Moore was being questioned and asked to speak with a lawyer. The nearby Orlando Police Department reportedly arrested her “for outstanding warrants in other counties,” which had nothing to do with the situation at hand.

The below tweet verifies the news:

Moore was arrested and booked into the Orange County Jail on charges of aggravated child neglect and arson. “It is undetermined what ignited the fire, however, if Moore was not being neglectful, it is unlikely [the child] would have been injured,” police said.

According to the documents kept by the jail, Moore is being held on a $48,000 bond for four other charges of petty theft, battery, and assault from prior occurrences. According to records from Seminole County, Moore was arraigned on Friday and entered a not-guilty plea to both charges stemming from the incident involving her children.

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