A Former Texas State Trooper Has Been Convicted Of Sexually Assaulting Two Women

According to U.S. Attorney Alamdar S. Hamdani, a former Texas State Trooper was found guilty of sexually abusing two women while doing his official duties.

A jury found Lee Ray Boykin Jr. guilty following a four-day trial and three hours of deliberation.

Boykin was found guilty of sexually abusing one victim and kidnapping another using his position as a state trooper with the Texas Department of Public Safety, according to the jury’s finding.

Boykin was also found guilty by the jury on two charges of fabricating records during a federal inquiry.

Hamdani stated, “My office is firmly dedicated to upholding the civil rights of every individual in the Southern District of Texas.” “Every day, we depend on our police officers and federal agents to protect and serve us. However, this lone officer preyed on his victims and stalked them for his own sexual enjoyment. We appreciate the jury’s decision that such behavior will not be permitted in our neighborhood.”

During the trial, one victim testified about how Boykin urged her to exit a friend’s vehicle during a traffic stop before leading her to a remote parking area. She claimed that while there Boykin called her a prostitute and threatened to put her in jail unless she had oral sex with him. She claimed that after everything, Boykin urged her to leave while placing his palm on his revolver.

Prosecutors presented evidence demonstrating Boykin’s DNA was located at the parking lot and the victim’s DNA was found on Boykin’s underwear.

In her testimony at the trial, the second victim said that Boykin had likewise forced her out of her friend’s car and taken her into his own vehicle.

Boykin informed the victim during the arrest that she had an outstanding traffic warrant, even though she did not.

Boykin later took the second victim to the same isolated parking lot, where she engaged in oral sex with him. Three days later, Boykin attempted to put her in his squad car, but she managed to slip away, according to a statement from the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Boykins’ testimony about the sexual assault was presented in court. Boykin stated in one interview that he felt he got away with it but added that he understood he shouldn’t have done it. Boykin claimed he “just wanted to try” in a different statement.

In the end, the jury rejected Boykin’s defense arguments and determined that he had committed the offenses.

Boykins will be sentenced on April 4 and might spend the rest of his life in federal prison. He will continue to be held in jail until then, as he has been thus far.

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