A Jury In Charlotte Found A Guy Guilty Of Sexually Assaulting Young Boys And Sentenced Him To 50 Years

A jury in Mecklenburg County found a man from Charlotte guilty of abusing youngsters stretching back more than a decade, and they sentenced him to a minimum of fifty years in prison for the crime.

Gromoka Carmichael, 38, was sentenced to between 600 and 820 months in custody on Thursday following his conviction for multiple sexual offences involving two male victims. Gromoka Carmichael was found guilty of statutory sexual offence, three counts of first-degree sexual offence, and attempted first-degree sexual offence involving two victims. Gromoka Carmichael was also given a sentence for attempted first-degree sexual offence involving two victims.

At the conclusion of the trial, defence attorney Bob Trobich handed the court notice that his client intends to file an appeal. However, Trobich did not immediately answer to a phone call placed by The Charlotte Observer on Friday.

Both of Carmichael’s victims gave testimony against him, as did a third youngster who also accused the defendant of abusing him. Carmichael was found guilty of two counts of child abuse. The accusation made by the latter party was not taken into consideration by the jury or by the judge presiding over the case in superior court, Donnie Hoover.

When the assaults took place, the victims’ ages ranged from 7 to 11, making up the entire group of victims. Carmichael was either a family or close acquaintance of the women who were the children’s moms or grandmothers, according to the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office. This was the case in each of the three cases.

The mother of one of the victims in Charlotte, who asked that she and her child not be identified, said, “It’s always someone you know.” “It’s always someone you know,” she said. She stated that her son had kept the alleged abuse by Carmichael a secret from her for a period of ten years.

When asked by The Charlotte Observer why her son had remained silent for such a prolonged period of time, the mother responded, “Kids be terrified.”

“I just hope that this story can bring a lot of children forward, to not be frightened, to know that the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office is going to go,” she said. “I just hope that this story can bring a lot of children forward.” They are going to do everything it takes in order to ensure that the families are provided with justice.

Carmichael’s legal troubles began in 2018, when one of his alleged victims came forward to say that he had been assaulted by Carmichael shortly after the incident in question took place.

Around the same time, the Charlotte mother’s son, who was then a teenager, told her for the first time that Carmichael had abused him when he was younger, when he was 7 or 8 years old. Carmichael, who the mother referred to as “Pookie,” was a close friend of the mother’s at the time of the alleged abuse, according to the mother.

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