A Lady From York County Was Found Guilty by a Jury of Murdering Her Infant Daughter

An infant’s body was discovered in the Catawba River in August 1992, and the York County Solicitor’s Office confirmed Friday night on Channel 9 that a jury had found a lady in York County guilty of murder.

The DNA evidence, according to the York County investigators, was important in developing Stacy Michelle Rabon as a suspect. Tina Terry, a reporter for Channel 9, was there in court on Tuesday to cover the opening statements of counsel.

She also heard from witnesses, including former police officers who worked the case many years ago. A lot of people didn’t think they’d live to see today. The baby, according to the prosecution, had been stabbed.

The tweet below verifies the news:

The medical examiner was stumped as to whether or not her injuries contributed to her death. York County did not have access to a DNA crime lab until quite recently, long after the case had gone cold.

They claim that in 2019, information surfaced that led them to Stacy Michelle Rabon. The jury found the defendant guilty of murder but deadlocked on the allegation of child abuse. The date of sentencing has been set for August 21.

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