A Man Convicted Of Impersonating Law Enforcement In Central Florida Has Been Arrested Again

Another arrest has been made of a man who was previously convicted of impersonating law enforcement in Central Florida. Jeremy DeWitte was taken into custody on Tuesday by deputies of the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office for breaking the terms of his probation.

After entering a plea of no contest and serving his time in prison, he was released in September.

On Tuesday night, the sheriff of Osceola County escorted DeWitte to the jail, and they had a lengthy conversation as they did so.

Over the course of the past many years, WESH 2 has broadcast numerous reports about him. While working as a funeral escort for his firm named Metro-state, he impersonated law enforcement by sometimes pulling people over and shouting at other drivers. As a result, he was jailed multiple times for impersonating a law enforcement official.

According to the officials, he was meant to shut down the company as well as its YouTube channel after he was released from prison. On the other hand, they claim that he has not done so.

DeWitte disclosed the incident to WESH 2 and said that his account was compromised.

“I can’t even shut it down, I can’t even post on it, and I explained that to probation multiple times, we even showed them proof, and they still put out a warrant for my arrest for not taking down the channel,” he said. “I can’t even shut it down, I can’t even post on it, and I explained that to probation,” he said. “I can’t even shut it down.”

“It’s clear that the person has lost any sense of self-control. I’m not sure if this is a problem with the person’s personality or with their power, “According to Sheriff Marcos Lopez.

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