A Man Dies In Rancho Cordova After Being Attacked With A Machete

A homeless guy is accused of attacking a 60-year-old man with a machete on Monday in Rancho Cordova. The victim has since passed away.

On Friday afternoon, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office provided official confirmation that Timothy Fairall had passed away.

On Friday evening, a modest memorial service was held at the spot where Fairall had been attacked.

The alleged assault took place on Monday evening at approximately 6:30 p.m. in the 2500 block of Zinfandel Drive close to Italia Way. Officers arrived at the scene to find that Fairall had been assaulted, despite the fact that the initial call reported a bicycle being hit by a car.

James Hall, age 42, is a homeless man who is well-known to hang around in the area, and the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office has identified him as his alleged assailant. He is being held on the suspicion of attempted murder, but it is highly likely that those charges will be upgraded as well.

The attack on Fairall appears to have been completely unprovoked, according to his neighbors, who told ABC10 that they were startled and horrified by the incident. Fairall only recently retired.

According to a neighbor named Mervel Harris, “We’ve lived here for eight years and never had anything like this happen, so when we heard, it did cause some concern for us.”

“He was a loyal and trustworthy buddy. A good neighbor. Another neighbor, Gary Yarber, referred to the individual as “a good… just a very all-around good person, nice person.” “Having him around made the neighborhood a better place to live.”

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