A Man From Michigan Is Accused Of Threatening To Kill FBI Director, Rep. John Garamendi Of California

A man from Michigan was taken into custody over the weekend on suspicion of making death threats against the Director of the FBI and a Democratic representative from California named John Garamendi.

According to a federal complaint that was unsealed on Tuesday, 32-year-old Neil Matthew Walter of Grand Blanc, Michigan has been charged with the federal transmission in interstate commerce communications containing a threat to injure the person of another. This information comes from the federal complaint.

As stated in the lawsuit, Walter allegedly left a voicemail for Garamendi earlier this month in which he stated: “What’s up, John? You’re going to die John. You’re going to die.”

The phone had an area code from Florida, which investigators were able to match up with a report for a car accident that took place in Mundy Township, Michigan. As a result, they were able to track the phone back to Walter.

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The investigators were able to link his driver’s license to his Facebook profile, which featured several rants about prominent politicians, intelligence agencies, and celebrities who were allegedly involved in a child slavery ring at the United States Capitol Building.

Another remark from the same Facebook account drew the attention of federal investigators because it referred to Representative John Garamendi and read, “Have a great life John, your getting put down for life bud.”

An investigator from the United States Capitol Police notified Genesee County detectives, who went to Walter’s home to investigate. According to the FBI, Walter answered the door while holding a revolver in his hand, and he initially refused to let go of the gun or leave the property.

According to the complaint, Walter did not make any threats toward law enforcement; however, he did say that he would protect himself against the United States government.

During his interrogation by the police, Walter rantingly discussed the rape of children, a potential legal battle with Putin, and the fact that “no one is doing anything about the children.”

Investigators who went to Walter’s house were told by Walter’s father that his son has a history of mental health issues and was once institutionalized in Florida due to these issues. His mother disclosed to the investigators that she had been worried about her son’s mental health for close to a year, citing an incident in which her son leaped through a window and incurred several injuries.

According to the federal complaint, Walter used his Facebook account on Saturday to make comments on a Livestream video of FBI Director Wray. These comments were posted using Walter’s account.

According to the writings, “Director Wray is going to die each and every single day several times a day for raping my family over and over again and lying to them and myself about it.” “I will murder you, director Wray … you will die … I will kill in self-defense.”

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