A Man In Indiana Was Arrested After A Video Showed A Child Playing With A Gun

A guy from Indiana was detained after doorbell camera footage that was shown on live television on Saturday as part of a programme that follows police departments revealed that his 4-year-old son was seen playing with a gun.

A toddler waving a gun in an apartment corridor while only wearing a diaper was captured on camera. The boy pointed the gun toward various doors inside the apartment building in Beech Grove, Indiana, a suburb of Indianapolis, and appeared to squeeze the trigger many times, albeit the gun did not fire.

Only a few weeks had passed since a first-grader in Virginia shot a teacher in the head with a 9-millimeter handgun.

In video from the TV programme “On Patrol: Live,” a neighbour who had dialled 911 informs Beech Grove police officers that her son had opened the door and spotted the boy with a gun, then closed the door and notified his family about the child. Because she sells firearms, the mother claims to have seen the youngster via the peephole and recognised that he was holding a real gun.

The boy’s father’s apartment is then shown being entered by police. The father claims he was sick and spent the day napping, and he denies that there is a pistol inside. The police tell the neighbour who dialled 911 that they were unable to find anything before leaving the apartment.

When police arrive, a neighbour shows them video from a doorbell camera that clearly shows the youngster playing with a gun in the hallway. Later in the show, further snippets from the doorbell camera footage are shown.

When the police go back to the father’s apartment, they discover a gun in a desk that they recognise as a Smith & Wesson 9-millimeter handgun thanks to surveillance footage. Dad gets taken into custody. The weapon was loaded, according to a news release from “On Patrol: Live.”

Shane Osborne, the boy’s father, was detained and charged with neglect of a dependent, a felony, according to Chief Michael Maurice of the Beech Grove Police Department. Chief Maurice said that the child had been returned to his mother.

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