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A Man in Texas Wants to Find the Driver Who Killed His Wife in a Road Rage Incident

A Man in Texas Wants to Find the Driver Who Killed His Wife in a Road Rage Incident

On Monday night, a woman from Fort Worth, Texas was shot in the head during a road rage incident in Tarrant County, and she did not survive.

Officers and fire units responded to reports of gunfire on West Hurst Boulevard at around 9:20 p.m. on Monday, according to a press release from the Hurst Police Department.

Officers found 37-year-old Paola Nunez Linares with a head wound when they arrived. They were driving their minivan on East Loop 820 when Linares and her husband, Zane Jones, allegedly got into a road rage incident with another vehicle.

Jones said the other car was a small, black, older model, and the guy inside shot at them multiple times, wounding Linares. After being transferred there, the victim ultimately passed away at JPS Hospital.

The tweet below verifies the news:

On Tuesday, Jones took to Facebook to appeal to the masses for information on the assailant(s) of his wife. He thought of Linares as his “rock” in difficult times, his companion at business and at home, and his buddy in all sorts of mischief.

Jones added that his wife was a great step-mother to his two kids and that she treated them like her own. “She wanted them to be the best people on the planet, and she tried to always show that to them,” Jones said.

Jones claims that his wife was uninvolved in the event and was merely a passenger in the car when he flipped off the motorist who was endangering their lives. “She always hated when I did that, and I did it anyways,” he said.

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“Then the driver shot into our car and struck my beautiful wife, who had nothing to do with anything. She was the most special person I’ve ever known, and I can’t understand why it happened. She was my other half and I’ll love her until the day I die.”

Jones, visibly upset by Tuesday’s episode, told Fox News Digital that he found it difficult to keep discussing it. He did, however, appeal to the public for assistance, pleading with anyone with knowledge to come forward.

Anyone with information is asked to call 817-788-7179 and speak with Detective C. Jackson, according to the police. Those who choose to contact Crime Stoppers may do so by dialing 817-469-8477 or visiting To help pay for the funeral and Jones’s repeated trips to Guatemala, he created a GoFundMe campaign.

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