A Man Is Arrested For Throwing A Beer Can At Ted Cruz During An Astros Parade

A 33-year-old man was arrested in Houston on Thursday for allegedly throwing a can of beer at Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) during the Astros’ victory parade. This was the last bad thing to happen to the junior senator on a day when baseball fans constantly booed him.

Cruz was riding down Smith Street on an open-back humvee and waving to the thousands of people who were celebrating their team’s 2022 World Series win when the incident happened.

Clips showed the crowd booing Cruz, putting their middle fingers up or putting their thumbs down, and yelling “fuck you, Ted!”

Then, according to a series of videos posted on Twitter, a can of beer is seen flying over the crowd, making Cruz jump back before a member of Cruz’s security team reaches over and stops the drink from hitting the senator.

Even though footage looked like it didn’t hit Cruz, Houston Police said in a tweet that the can “hit the Senator in the chest/neck area.”

The PD said, “The Senator did not need to see a doctor.” “The man was taken into custody by HPD officers who were close by. He was taken to jail and is being charged with assault. When formal charges are filed, we will post the suspect’s name and mugshot here.

Someone on Twitter asked, “Who thought it would be a good idea to have [Texas Lt. Gov.] Dan Patrick and Ted Cruz in the Astros parade?” “Douchebags just have to make everything stink.”

Cruz has been teased at sports events before, and Monday’s parade won’t be the first time. Last month, he had to deal with hundreds of rude Yankees fans at their World Series game. Some of them were caught on video calling Cruz a “racist piece of shite.”

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