A Man Is Sentenced To 99 Years In Jail For Severely Beating His 4-month-old Son And Left Him Disabled

After a jury found Terrence Harper guilty of causing injury to a child in 2018 for the beating of his 4-month-old son Trace, he was given a sentence of 99 years in prison by the judge who presided over the case.

It was the harshest possible punishment for the offense that had been committed.

The boy’s mother gave an interview in 2019 to KSAT, in which she stated that the physicians at University Hospital told her that her son Trace had serious damage, including bleeding in the brain, a shattered skull, traumatic brain injury, and rib fractures.

“He suffered a stroke, which resulted in the left side of his body becoming totally paralyzed. He appeared to have a sagging face. Because he suffers from cortical vision impairment, he is considered to be legally blind. “He has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a result of his traumatic brain injury,” said Taylor Hibbens, the boy’s mother.

As a result of this instance, the police reopened an investigation that had been closed in 2012 about the death of a kid who had been in Harper’s care.

It was first determined that the incident was an accident; however, he has now been charged with capital murder in connection with that case. According to the indictment, Harper assaulted the newborn by shaking him, throwing him against a wall and floor, and striking him with an unknown instrument.

Previously, Hibbens stated that she was uninformed of the event that occurred in 2012 involving her then-fiancé Harper.

Hilbens expressed his belief that “this could have been prevented” in his statement. Two baby boys who are only four months old, that’s insane.

The trial for capital murder against Harper in the case from 2012 is scheduled to take place at a later date.

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