A Man Suspected Of K!lling Two Women Has Been Caught After A 5-day Search

Police claimed a tip helped them find the culprit, ending the city-wide search for a man wanted for the m*rders of two women.

According to a tweet from the Knoxville Police Department, Jair Romario Martin, 26, was arrested in a Tennessee residence the morning of May 18.

Here’s that tweet:

Martin was apprehended by the Knoxville Police Special Operations Squad after police received a tip that he might be inside the residence.

Martin is accused of k!lling Heidi Johnson, 20, and Madison Johnson, 22, who were unrelated, in a South Knoxville residence on May 13, according to authorities.

Police feared there may have been an armed person remaining inside the house when they responded to a call about a domestic disturbance there.

Crisis mediators arrived at the residence, but when they were unable to reach anyone inside, cops went inside.

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When Heidi Johnson and Madison Johnson were later recognized as the two young women who were found de@d inside the house by police, it was reported.

Police named Martin as the suspect on May 13 but did not elaborate on how he knew the women or how he was related.

WBIR was informed by police that they thought Martin “left the immediate area of the m*rders on foot.”

According to a tweet from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Martin was put to their most wanted list on May 17, which sparked a manhunt for him. Martin was deemed “armed and dangerous” by the authorities.

Martin was found after a five-day search. Police say he is currently charged with two first-degree m*rders.

Heidi Johnson’s family wrote in her obitu@ry that she “loved the beach, horses, hiking in nature, and dancing.”

Her family praised her for having “the most beautiful smile and eyes that let others feel love through them.”

“She was a category 5 hurricane coupled with a dazzling light. She was a young woman who underwent brain surgery and overcame the hardest pain. While Heidi appeared to care little for herself, she actually cared a great deal for those who did.”

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