A Man Was Given A Sentence Of 20 Years In Prison For Carjacking In Mead

Carjacking on Interstate 25 in Mead resulted in a man from Wellington receiving a sentence of twenty years in prison on January 4th.

According to a release, on Tuesday, Judge Allison Esser of the Weld District Court handed down a sentence that placed David Mercado, age 31, in the custody of the Colorado Department of Corrections for a period of twenty years.

After a trial in September, Mercado was judged to be responsible for the crimes of kidnapping in the second degree and aggravated robbery.

According to a statement made by Chief Deputy District Attorney Anthony Perea, “this defendant put a large number of individuals in our community at risk of being gravely hurt that day.” “He deserves a sentence that is appropriate to safeguard the safety of our community and to ensure that he does not do this to another victim,” said the prosecutor.

According to the announcement, on May 23, 2021, police from Mead was called to respond to a physical incident that occurred on Interstate 25. Mercado, who was walking along Frontage Road when the officers arrived, was accosted by the authorities.

After being questioned by the cops to produce identification, Mercado ran away from the scene. The prosecution claimed that after that, he forced his way into a man’s vehicle and drove off before the police could catch up with him. After that, Mercado forced the victim to take him to another place, where he proceeded to steal the victim’s phone and abuse him.

At the time of the incident, Mercado was out on parole from a previous conviction.

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