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A Missing 5-year-old Boy Was Snatched From His Mother’s Arms In Floodwater In California

A Missing 5-year-old Boy Was Snatched From His Mother's Arms In Floodwater In California

A Missing 5-year-old Boy Was Snatched From His Mother's Arms In Floodwater In California

Kyle Doan, 5, cheered his mother as floodwater in central California washed away their SUV on Monday morning. Kyle is now gone.

According to Brian Doan, the boy’s father, the boy said, “Don’t worry, Mommy.” According to Doan, “He wasn’t quite grasping what was going on.” But while they were still in the car, he was speaking to my wife with such composure.

Merced, California, residents rush to reclaim their things before flood levels get too high on January 10, 2023.

In California, a severe storm, one of the most recent to hit the West Coast, has turned streets into rivers and necessitated the closure of important thoroughfares. A spokeswoman for the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services dubbed the recent storms, which claimed over 20 lives, “one of the deadliest disasters in our state’s history” on Wednesday.

Since Monday, authorities have been sporadically looking for Kyle. The county sheriff reported that more troops are expected to come Thursday to assist with the hunt for the missing youngster. On Wednesday, more than 100 members of the National Guard arrived at the location to assist.

As floodwater engulfed their SUV on the way to their school, Kyle’s mother, a special education teacher at the same school in the village of San Miguel in San Luis Obispo County where he attends kindergarten, was able to free the kid from his car seat. “Simply yourself. not your luggage. As they made plans to flee, she reportedly said, “Leave it,'” according to Doan.

As water spilled over the low spot on the country road and started moving the car, Kyle’s mother grabbed hold of him. As Kyle’s mother held the young boy and a small pocketbook with IDs and her phone, debris mixed with the rising floodwater.

It was challenging to stabilize things with the current, Doan added, adding that she tried to cling to him. “And they have split apart.”

On January 9, 2023, in the Rio Del Mar section of Aptos, California, a man wades through a flooded street. Doan said, his voice shaking, “She made the best choices she could. “I must continue to emphasize that. She was unable to travel with him in the car. Later, the flow was going to overwhelm the vehicle. They exited. That was the appropriate course of action. When they stepped out of the car, the mother detailed the terrifying moment her child escaped from her.

Lindsy Doan told CNN station KSBY, “I was literally clutching the tree at that time and attempting to catch Kyle’s hands, but the current pulled Kyle out and our hands slipped. Later, according to Doan, the SUV was discovered upside down and coated in dirt and debris. The mother was rescued from the sea without incident.

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