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A M!ssing Soldier From Texas Was Found Alive Days After His Wife D!ed

A M!ssing Soldier From Texas Was Found Alive Days After His Wife D!ed (1)

A M!ssing Soldier From Texas Was Found Alive Days After His Wife D!ed (1)

Craig Chamberlain, a 23-year-old soldier, was reported m!ssing from his off-base house in Texas last week, but his mother informed The Daily Beast on Friday that her son had been located safe and sound, shortly after Cameron Chamberlain’s untimely de@th.

We located my son and he is still alive! On Friday around 5:00 PM local time, Virginia Chamberlain texted. The circumstances of Craig’s disappearance and the location of his discovery in Virginia were not immediately disclosed; however, his family, authorities, and concerned citizens had organized a major search party on Friday.

Many mysteries persist despite the fact that Craig has been located alive. On Friday, Virginia shared with The Daily Beast that her son’s marriage to Cameron, whom he met and wed in 2020, was rough. Cameron reportedly reported her husband m!ssing to base authorities on May 15. She had last seen him at his Killeen, Texas, residence on the Friday before he was discovered.

A M!ssing Soldier From Texas Was Found Alive Days After His Wife D!ed (1)

Virginia stated that she did not believe her son went away, despite the fact that she regarded his marriage to Cameron as being a “not very kind” one. This provided unprecedented insight into the private life of the feuding couple.

They absolutely rushed into marriage without thinking about it,” she said. Virginia did not want to go into detail about the couple’s problems, but she did remark that Cameron’s passing was a shock and that “her heart breaks for her family.” Whether or not the ostensibly distant relationship played a role in either Craig’s abduction or Cameron’s de@th is unknown.

When asked about Cameron’s de@th, the staff at Fort Cavazos (previously Fort Hood) in central Texas did not provide any information. Since Bell County, where the couple’s off-base home was located, lacks its own medical examiner, neither the cause of her death nor whether or not an aut0psy was performed are known.

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Cameron made an appearance on local television stations after reporting her husband missing, pleading for information and saying that Craig ran off after they had an altercation. She said that “grave danger” existed for him “if he’s still alive.

Cameron stated that her husband suffered from depression and was not the same person she married in 2020, implying that his mental health issues and his dislike of the leadership at Fort Cavazos were likely the reasons he vanished.

“When I met him, he was a carefree, loving, laid-back person. He didn’t have a mean bone in his body,” Cameron told KWTX. “He had no hate in his heart. He was a happy man. And [Fort Cavazos] and his leadership completely destroyed him.”

The news can be confirmed by the tweet below:

The search for Virginia’s son was made more difficult, she said at first, by Cameron’s contradictory statements to his family and the public. She stated her family and friends have been combing the area around Killeen with the help of volunteer search parties.

According to Virginia, the final text she received from Craig was an expression of love on May 8. She claimed that Craig was a “mama’s boy” and that he frequently texted her expressions of devotion. Authorities had reportedly reported “sightings” of Craig to his family this week.

Virginia said he is the youngest of his siblings and not the fleeing type, so she and his father, Gorden, have been texting him every day in the hopes that the messages will once again show as “delivered” and he will respond.

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