A Missing Texas Woman Was Found De@d and a Guy Was Arrested for M*rder

In a picture of him being booked, Mario Juan Chacon, Jr. can be seen. – Office of the Midland County Sheriff

As of Saturday night, he is being held without release at the Midland County Jail, police said. CNN is looking into whether or not Chacon has a lawyer.

Police said that he is being held without release at the Midland County Jail:

Authorities didn’t say much on Saturday, like why they thought Chacon was involved in the death of the woman or if he knew the woman before.

Midland Police said that they are still looking into Pantoja’s death and that an autopsy will be done in Dallas.

Midland Police Chief Seth Herman said at a press meeting on Friday that the search for Pantoja had been going on “24 hours a day” for the past week. The FBI, the Texas Rangers, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Midland County Sheriff’s Office were all helping with the investigation.

A Missing Texas Woman Was Found Dead and a Guy Was Arrested for Murder

Herman said that people on the ground and in the air who were trying to find the young woman had searched an area about 60 square miles in size.

As detectives looked for Pantoja, they also got more than a dozen search warrants and talked to more than 25 people, the chief said.

Before Pantoja’s body was found, Midland Mayor Lori Blong offered a $20,000 prize for information about where she was.

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During a news appearance on Friday, the mayor said, “I can’t imagine how hard this has been on Madeline’s family and friends. I can’t even imagine how worried and stressed they must be.” Saturday, the police did not say if that prize has been claimed.

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