A Mother Saves Her 5-year-old Daughter When A Raccoon Attacked Her

After a raccoon attacked her 5-year-old daughter on their porch, a mother in Connecticut stepped in to save her, and the entire incident was captured on surveillance footage.

Logan Kelsey MacNamara of Ashford, Connecticut, used his home security camera to record the incident on Friday.

A raccoon on the porch pounced and grabbed Rylee MacNamara’s leg as she went outside to wait for the bus to take her to school. MacNamara was able to remove the raccoon from her daughter while she screamed and ran outside.

It’s a rabid raccoon, MacNamara shouted as she threw the animal across her front yard and told her daughter to go back inside the house. The animal then started to explore the house.

On MacNamara’s Facebook page, the video of the incident was shared at her daughter’s request to “show everyone what the raccoon did.”

“After this unprovoked raccoon attack, we are going to get screened for rabies. You have no idea how happy I am for this brave child!” MacNamara penmaned.

They both had scrapes, and MacNamara’s daughter had a puncture wound, but they were all doing fine, she told Storyful. They will have rabies vaccinations in the upcoming weeks, she continued, noting that Rylee’s wearing of jeans may have prevented a more serious injury.

MacNamara received accolades from the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection for her efforts, calling them “wonderful and heroic.”

The department said in a statement to USA TODAY that the mother “protected her daughter by pulling the raccoon off her and getting her inside, warning the neighbor, and, as we understand, reaching out to authorities including the local animal control.”

Officials said that although it is unusual for raccoons to remain outside during the day, the animal’s conduct cannot necessarily be attributed to the disease. It was also unknown whether the animal had rabies.

“The fact that the animal attacked a person, seemingly without cause, is a clear indication that it is ill. The likelihood of such an incident should be noted as well “authorities said.

Raccoons can lose their fear of humans, therefore the department recommends people stay away from them and flee if they are approached. Raccoons cannot be relocated if a “problem raccoon” is reported because it may be rabid, according to the agency.

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