A Movie That Earned $1.2 Billion At The Box Office Was Rejected By Beyoncé, Here’s Why

Beyonce has succeeded in the music industry, and she has also succeeded in acting when called upon. With careful preparation for the part, the artist did exceptionally well in Austin Powers in Goldmember.

Given her high demand, Beyonce is picky about the roles she takes on, as we’ll see in the examples that follow.

Even without Beyonce, Emma Watson’s performance as the lead in Beauty and the Beast was a huge hit. We’ll look back at the casting of Emma Watson and how she got the part.

We’ll also look more closely at the part that Beyonce was given and the reasons behind her decision to reject the project. Gugu Mbatha-Raw gained as a result of her refusal because she excelled in the role and loved working behind the scenes.

A huge budget, between $160 million and $255 million, was allotted for Beauty and the Beast in 2017. The movie did exceptionally well at the box office, earning over $1.2 billion, so the investment was more than worthwhile.

The performance of Emma Watson as Belle was a key factor in the film’s success. She was the initial choice, according to director Bill Condon.

“The only and initial option was Emma. It was the culmination of all the strengths she brings to the situation.”

“Her talent, beauty, and intelligence are all obvious. The only issue was whether or not she could sing “He explained.

Watson was the first and only candidate for the role after a meeting between the two parties and the viewing of a tape.

“We consequently came to know each other. She also seemed to have a genuine passion for this narrative and this character, which made me even more optimistic when I finally met her.”

She completed a brief tape after which it was as if, “Wow, that’s it.” The actress would demonstrate her singing skills as well.

As it turned out, casting for the role of Plumette was a little more difficult because the director’s top choice declined the part.

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