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A Norwalk Gunshot Involving a Deputy Sent a Man to the Hospital

A Norwalk Gunshot Involving a Deputy Sent a Man to the Hospital (1)

Deputies shot a guy in Norwalk on Saturday afternoon; the man was brought to the hospital. At about 5:40 p.m., the incident took place close to establishments on the 11000 block of Rosecrans Avenue.

Revelers informed KTLA that the man attempted to rob a liquor store in the area. The subject allegedly refused to follow the cops’ orders, according to some witnesses.

Several deputies can be seen shouting orders at the suspect, who seems to be holding a rifle, in a video obtained by KTLA 5. On multiple occasions, the assailant has ducked out of sight, hiding behind a number of parked cars.

After exchanging a few words, the man abruptly raises the gun over his head, and deputies opened fire on him. Following the discharge of multiple bullets, they proceed to approach the perpetrator.

The suspect’s status is currently unknown after being taken to a local hospital after being hit by gunshots. So far, no one else has been hurt. Multiple eyewitnesses were present when the gunfire began.

According to Chris Zapata, a local homeowner, “Everybody was just scattering over there” (KTLA 5’s Chris Wolfe). There was a man over there with a gun, and the helicopters were warning everyone to get out of the way. Gunfire erupted in every direction.

Everything was insane. Bullets ricocheting off of vehicles could be heard. In a different facility, a bible study group had gathered, oblivious to what was transpiring outside. When they heard gunfire not far away, they were taken aback.

According to Cristina Lopez, “Shootings were going off, a helicopter was hovering overhead, and lights flashing everywhere” as they were studying the bible. “I felt a surge of terror.”

As homicide investigators stayed on the site, Studebaker Road to Crossdale Avenue (Rosecrans Avenue) was closed. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has not yet published the victim’s identification due to the ongoing investigation.

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