A Philadelphia Parking Authority Officer Was Shot Several Times

Friday night, a Philadelphia Parking Authority employee who was wounded while on the job is in critical condition. Just before 4:00 p.m., it occurred on Frankford Avenue at Orthodox Street in the Frankford neighborhood of the city.

Authorities claim the shooting targeted a 37-year-old parking enforcement officer, but police are still looking into a possible motivation.

Frank Colon stated, “The day after Thanksgiving is absolutely scary, man.

After a parking enforcement officer was shot while performing his duties just in front of Philly Tech Nail Spa, police flocked to Frankford Avenue and detectives combed the area with flashlights in search of leads.

“You get what I mean? I watched Parking Wars. However, I’ve never seen it progress this far “said Colon.

Barbara Pietrolungo stated, “It’s really awful. It’s both terrible and terrifying.

Deputy Police Commissioner Frank Vanore stated, “We think he was the intended target.” “According to several witnesses, shots were fired as a car drew up, and then the car pulled away,”

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Shot in the right shoulder and left ear, the 37-year-old man was left for dead.

Vanore declared, “It’s brash, it’s brazen, and it’s something we’re going to do everything to fix right away.

The parking enforcement officer, who was courteous, was frequently seen patrolling the neighborhood, according to neighbors.

I have daily conversations with him, Bamba Sisoko remarked. “He is a good man and a gentleman. He occasionally said hello to me.”

According to detectives, the victim’s parking ticket may have been a factor in the shooting. The names of drivers who have recently received tickets from the parking enforcement officer are currently being reviewed by officers.

“The parking authority and I are collaborating here. They are supporting us in examining what he did today, and we will carefully review it to see what we can learn “Vanore remarked.

Colon remarked, “Hopefully he’s going to be okay.”

In the city’s Mayfair neighborhood last Friday, a sanitation worker was shot and killed in the middle of his shift, according to authorities.

Both that shooting and the one that occurred on Friday involving the PPA employee have not resulted in any arrests.

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