A Plane Carrying 53 Dogs And Three People Crashes Into A Golf Course

According to WISN ABC, an airplane that was hauling 53 rescue dogs was forced to make an emergency crash landing at a golf course in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

On Tuesday morning, a twin-engine cargo jet was flying three humans and several rescued dogs from Louisiana to shelters in Wisconsin. The flight began in Wisconsin and ended in Louisiana. The Western Lakes Golf Club was the location of the emergency landing that occurred. According to WISN ABC, it appears that all of the people and dogs were fortunate enough to live.

Both the pilot and the co-pilot have been released from the hospital, and all of the dogs are said to be safe, despite the fact that some of them have suffered cuts and scrapes. According to WISN ABC, the Humane Animal Welfare Society (HAWS) of Waukesha County has currently taken in 21 of the canines, whom they refer to as “Western Lakes Loves.”

The animal shelter now has seven of the dogs available for adoption, and they are working hard to get the remaining six dogs ready for adoption by Friday.

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According to FOX 6, the canines are presently being monitored at HAWS to ensure that they do not exhibit any signs of having any medical issues.

According to WISN ABC, it is stated that the adoption expenses for these puppies would be covered in full.

According to WISN ABC, the investigation that was conducted into what led to the accident of the jet found that it was precipitation-related.

During the crash landing, the aircraft reportedly collided with trees, resulting in the loss of both of its wings and the release of around 300 gallons of jet fuel. According to WISN ABC, the Department of Natural Resources in the state of Wisconsin was notified of the accident and dispatched to the location where it occurred.

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