A Prospective Employee Accuses George Santos Of Sexual Misconduct

A prospective employee who aired the claims against the besieged Republican congressman from Long Island on Twitter on Friday has now accused him of sexual misconduct and violating the law’s ethical standards.

The accused, 30-year-old Derek Myers, told CBS News, “This is not about attention; it’s about holding the actions accountable.” Santos’ congressional office sent inquiries to Joe Murray, who would not respond.

In a letter to the House Ethics Committee, Myers claims that on January 25, Santos, 34, asked him if he had a profile on the well-known LGBTQ+ dating app Grindr. Then, according to Myers’ letter, Santos allegedly disclosed to Myers that he had a Grindr profile.

Later on that day, according to Myers, Santos invited him to sit next to him on a sofa while he was examining mail in Santos’ office.

“I continued talking about the mail, but the congressman interrupted me by putting his hand on my left leg, close to my knee, and said, “Hey buddy, we’re going to karaoke tonight. Do you want to go? In the letter, Myers wrote.

After Myers turned down the request, Santos allegedly “moved his hand down my leg into my inner-thigh and continued to touch my groyne,” according to Myers. Myers claimed Santos informed him of his husband’s absence before extending an invitation to visit.

Myers wrote in the letter, “I swiftly moved the Congressman’s hand away, snatched the mail from the table, and we began to discuss the matter of constituent correspondence.” “Shortly after, I went back to my workstation in the personal office.”

Myers claimed that on Jan. 30, a few days later, the congressman called him into his office and inquired about his “history as a journalist.”

“I was asked questions regarding things that I had already discussed with hiring supervisors from the congressman’s office before I received my job offer. I received notification that my job offer had been withdrawn on Wednesday, February 1.

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