A Roofer From Milwaukie Has Been Acc*sed of Conspiring With a Lady to Kidn*p Kids

Publicly available documents, the Milwaukie man facing numerous counts of child s*x ab*se is a roofer with a cr!minal history who reportedly colluded with a lady to acquire access to minors.

On April 26, Oregon’s Internet Cr!mes Against Children task force received an anonymous tip that led to the arrest of 38-year-old Kevin Goddard. The Clackamas County Court ordered bail at $25,000, and he was freed on bond with “intensive level” “pretrial supervision” that prohibits him from having any contact with the victims or any children.

Goddard has owned K&K Roofing, based out of Milwaukie, Conforming to documents filed with the Secretary of State in 2018. He has a long record of criminal convictions, including shoplifting, burglary, and driving offenses like reckless driving and street racing.

A Roofer From Milwaukie Has Been Accsed (1)
A Roofer From Milwaukie Has Been Accsed 

The most recent inquiry, police said, showed that Goddard’s female accomplice “allowed (him) to gain access to a minor child for purposes of obtaining materials related to s*xually explicit conduct involving the child.”

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Identified in court filings as Goddard’s co-defendant, 32-year-old Candi Mae Franke is acc*sed of similar acts, including exploiting a kid in a s*xual performance and inciting child s*x ab*se. Franke was arr*sted on April 27 and remained in custody as of May 8.

Detective Kathryn Meier can be reached at 503-786-7471 if you have any information about this case. Authorities suspect Goddard may have additional victims.

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