A Shooting At A Michigan Party Left 2 People Dead And 15 Injured

Two persons were killed in a shooting that authorities said happened at a sizable street party in Saginaw, Michigan. 15 people were hurt in total.

The shooting took place at the party at Fourth Street and Johnson Street after the event was advertised on social media, according to a news release from the Michigan State Police. According to the news release, Saginaw County police agencies dispersed the big crowd “multiple times in different locations throughout the city” before the incident.

When several 911 callers reported seeing someone shooting into the crowd about midnight, police were close by.

According to the news release, preliminary inquiry revealed that partygoers got into a confrontation, which led to the discharge of guns. Others retaliated by firing into the crowd, hitting “several victims,” according to the announcement. According to CBS station WNEM, there were more than 300 partygoers.

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According to the announcement, numerous people who ran were hurt after being hit by escaping vehicles. Later, “at least five different caliber weapons” that were used in the crime were discovered by the detectives.

According to the press announcement, 15 victims suffered gunshot or vehicle-related injuries. According to the press announcement, two casualties, a 51-year-old woman and a 19-year-old man, have passed away.

All 15 victims were transferred to nearby hospitals for treatment, however it is unknown how the survivors are doing physically.

There are no suspects in police custody, and the public is not still at risk.

One is urged to contact the Saginaw Major Case Unit at 989-759-1605 if they have any information.

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