A Shooting Near Businesses In Central Fresno Left 1 People Killed And 1 Injured

Following a shooting that occurred near businesses in central Fresno, one victim has been pronounced dead and another victim has been brought to the hospital.

Just before noon on Wednesday, officers from the Fresno Police Department responded to a ShotSpotter warning and calls that shots had been fired in the area bounded by Blackstone and Princeton Avenues.

Officers found a man in his mid-20s with a gunshot wound to the upper portion of his torso when they arrived at the scene.

The individual was pronounced dead on the spot despite the efforts of the police to save him.

A second victim, also a guy in his mid-20s, was found with a gunshot wound to the face and was rushed to the hospital. The victim’s identity has not been released.

According to Lieutenant Paul Cervantes of the Fresno Police Department, the department has “excellent video” from inside a smoke shop that was located nearby that captured a significant chunk of the incident.

According to him, it appears that there were three people hiding inside the smoke shop while they waited for the victims to enter before opening fire on them.

It is uncertain whether or not the victims fired back at the suspects.

The proprietor of the tobacco store is helping the authorities in their investigation. It seems that no other places of business were targeted by the gunshots.

According to Cervantes, the suspects fled the scene on foot, and there is currently no information available about the suspects.

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