A Suspect Has Been Arrested After Assaulting And Robbing A 78-year-old Man In Clovis

A 78-year-old Fresno County man was attacked and robbed Friday morning while purchasing the morning newspaper from a business in Clovis. He is currently in critical condition.

Frank Moore, 78, always picks up a newspaper at the Dollar Tree near Herndon and Clovis before meeting with pals for a coffee.

“Every morning, he leaves his car there at the front. The staff at Dollar Tree recognize him by name, “Frank Thornton’s grandson Todd Thornton stated. Frank’s grandchildren claim he was blind to what was happening on Friday morning.

Moore was assaulted, smacked over the head, and left lying on the ground, according to witnesses who were in the neighborhood and spoke with Clovis police.

“He was yelling and throwing up. He wasn’t doing well, “Lexi Knetch, Frank’s granddaughter, recalled this. He is currently in a lot of agonies.

Police claim that Moore’s phone was taken by the suspect, now identified as 37-year-old Joseph Wright.

Moore’s family is appreciative that the police and paramedics arrived so quickly.

Officials said that because store employees provided a detailed description, they were able to locate Wright in the vicinity soon. Wright, having harmed others in the past, surprised Moore’s family.

Todd added, “It’s disturbing that guy has done this previously and is walking the streets. Wright has a history of drug, assault, and burglary charges, according to Fresno County court records.

He received a three-year prison sentence for battery causing serious bodily harm in 2019, serving a portion of it in a mental hospital.

Moore is still in the ICU while medical professionals determine whether he had a brain bleed.

His four grandchildren and three children hope that he will soon recover and be able to hold his new great-grandson.

Kaelynn Manzo, Frank’s granddaughter, stated, “He truly does keep this family together, and I just hope that everything is good, and just put everything in God’s hands.”

Five felonies, including violence, assault, and elder abuse, are brought against Wright.

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