A Suspect Killed During Police Shooting In Kansas After Two Found Dead In Phoenix

An investigation has been opened by the police into a double killing that took place in Phoenix on Sunday.

After one o’clock in the afternoon, officers from the Phoenix Police Department were dispatched to a residence located near 51st Avenue and Broadway Road on the report of an injured person.

When the police arrived, they discovered two people who had died as a result of what seemed to be gunshot wounds.

Cameron Brown, who was 28 years old, and Asya Rose Ribble, who was 27 years old, have been named as the victims by the police.

In addition, the police discovered the couple’s two young children inside the house, and both of them were safe.

During the course of the inquiry, the authorities were able to identify a male suspect, Leroy Malone, who was 39 years old and was located outside of the state.

The investigators from Phoenix shared the information they had gathered on the guy and a woman who was probably with him with other law enforcement agencies throughout the country.

They were eventually found on Monday in an area close to Minneola, Kansas, which is also the location of a confrontation between the suspect and law enforcement that resulted in a shooting by law enforcement.

Clark County deputies discovered Malone and attempted to pull him over, but he drove away before they could stop him, according to the Kansas Bureau of Investigations, which spoke with ABC15.

After that, deputies, with the assistance of the Kansas Highway Patrol, began to follow the vehicle. After the truck finally came to a stop in Dodge City, Kansas, there was a brief exchange of gunfire between the parties.

Two members of the Ford County Sheriff’s Office have been injured after being shot. The KBI reports that one of the victims was transported to the hospital in critical condition, while the second victim is believed to be in “good condition.”

A third deputy from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office was also injured and is currently in critical condition at a local hospital after suffering gunshot wounds.

An officer with the Kansas Highway Patrol was bitten by a K-9 police during the encounter, but the officer is stated to be in “fine condition.”

During the course of the incident, Malone was shot numerous times and ultimately lost his life.

In addition to him being shot numerous times, the woman who was with him is also in critical condition after being wounded.

An investigation is still being carried out.

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