A Turtle Creek Man Will Serve A 40-year Prison Term For Teen Sex Trafficking

A guy from Turtle Creek has been sentenced to a minimum of 20 years in jail for the sexual exploitation of a young woman from New Kensington.

In connection with allegations that he arranged for a 14-year-old runaway to work with a prostitute and have sex with older men in April 2018, Davon Allen Fuqua, 36, entered a guilty plea in September to four felony offenses, including the trafficking of minors, statutory sexual assault of a juvenile, promotion of prostitution of a minor, and conspiracy.

These charges stem from the fact that he is accused of having arranged for the young girl.

On Friday, Judge Scott Mears of the Westmoreland County Common Pleas Court ordered Fuqua to serve two consecutive terms ranging from ten to twenty years in jail.

At the trial of Fuqua, which took place in September and ended with him pleading guilty to the allegations, one of the witnesses was a woman who is now 19 years old.

The woman who accused Fuqua of sexual misconduct stated that she had sex with him and a female prostitute in the first instance in return for cocaine in a bedroom at a friend’s house in New Kensington.

She stated that after that, Fuqua took her and another lady, Shannon Lynn Shannon, 47, who had previously lived in Texas, to meet with males in their houses.

The previous year, Shannon entered a guilty plea to the felony charges of trafficking in juveniles, statutory sexual assault, encouraging prostitution of a minor, and conspiracy, in addition to the misdemeanor charge of prostitution.

She was given a sentence ranging from five to ten years in prison and was required to testify against Fuqua.

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