A Victim Is Killed After Being Assaulted With A Bb Gun In Pittsburgh

Earlier last week, a man was shot downtown and died as a result. At the time of the assault, the victim seemed to be unconscious on a public sidewalk along Coffey Way. Two days later, he passed away.

Police claim to know the identities of each of the four suspects, but it’s unclear whether any charges have been brought against them.

This occurred on Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m. in Coffey Way, a downtown alley near to the exclusive Duquesne Club off Sixth Avenue. You can see what appears to be a homeless man passed out on the sidewalk in CCTV footage.

Then you observe four young men, possibly teenagers, approach the man while brandishing BB guns. He is repeatedly hit in the face and body by their close-range fire. They appear to record themselves shooting the victim while one of the accused even hits him in the face.

Channel 11 is told by Maria Owens, “That’s terrible, that’s dreadful.” It’s really sad. They should not be treated less favorably just because they are homeless; after all, they are still humans. They still consume food and rest like us.

An ambulance arrives to pick up the sufferer eight hours later. He was found to have metal shrapnel from BBs in his body, contrary to the original speculation that it was a narcotics overdose. At the hospital, the man passed away early on Thursday.

Before some keen observers saw something unusual, nobody even knew what had happened to this individual. The Duquesne Club members looked at the projectile-damaged windows and watched surveillance footage from cameras in the alley. At that point, they witnessed four individuals brandishing BB guns viciously assault a man who was lying on the pavement.

Police received the video and started their own investigation. The victim was struck by a little, gold BB, which was still on the sidewalk. Waste materials like food scraps, urine, and feces were all over the alley. It is also a public health issue, according to locals.

According to Sciota Napier, “homeless individuals already go through enough.” she tells Channel 11 New. “That is tragic.”

The precise cause of death and the victim’s identity will be determined by the Allegheny County Medical Examiner.

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