A Woman Fatally Kills Two Officers Before Committing Suicide At A Motel In Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

Authorities have verified that two police officers were shot and killed early on Wednesday morning at Motel 6 in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

The motel, which is situated along a section of Interstate Highway 90 that passes through the Gulf Coast city, had called the Bay St. Louis Police Department to request a welfare check, according to officials.

Branden Estorffe, 23, and Steven Robin, 34, were the policemen who were killed, the Mississippi Department of Public Safety stated in a statement.

According to the department, the cops reached Motel 6 before 4:30 a.m. local time on Wednesday. The police then came upon a person, later identified as Amy Anderson, age 43, who was seated in a parked car with a young girl.

According to the DPS statement, the officers spoke with Anderson for close to 30 minutes before contacting the state Department of Child Protection Services.

According to the department, Anderson shot both cops from inside the car before taking her own life. Authorities verified that Estorffe died from injuries later on Wednesday morning while Robin passed away at the site.

The department stated that the Mississippi Bureau of Inquiry “is now evaluating this significant occurrence and gathering evidence,” adding later that more information would be released once the investigation has been concluded.

The state bureau’s agents will deliver their findings to the state’s attorney general’s office after the inquiry is over, the department said.

Tate Reeves, the governor of Mississippi, addressed the incident in a tweet.

“I am grieved by this horrible loss of two brave law enforcement officers, he continued, adding, “Two Bay St. Louis Police officers were tragically shot and murdered in the line of duty. I’m sending up prayers for their loved ones, close associates, coworkers, and the entire Bay St. Louis neighborhood. Our law enforcement officers put their lives in danger on a daily basis all around Mississippi in constant and repeated acts of selfless sacrifice for their community.”

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