A Woman From Buffalo Rescues Man With Serious Frostbite After Getting Him Out Of The Storm

A Woman From Buffalo Rescues Man With Serious Frostbite After Getting Him Out Of The Storm: In the early hours of Christmas Eve, a violent storm pummeled western New York with blinding blizzard conditions. A Buffalo woman acted quickly when she observed a man who was caught in the storm.

The time she heard someone screaming on her street, according to Sha’Kyra Aughtry, she was at home. She noticed a man pleading for assistance outside her window as it was really cold.

According to Aughtry’s Facebook livestream, her partner brought 64-year-old Joe White inside the house where she used a blow dryer to melt the ice off his red, burned hands and a “grass cutter” to take off his rings.

The Buffalo woman said that no one responded to her calls for assistance from emergency services. And since she had no prior experience in medical treatment, Aughtry claimed she started to worry about his security.

She shared what had happened and begged for assistance on Facebook.

She added on the broadcast, “I’m going crazy because I’m afraid. “I’m starting to see that his physique has changed too much since I first held him; it has altered quickly every hour.”

Erie County officials have stated in news conferences that emergency responders were unable to react to calls for hours over the weekend as the storm buried Buffalo in heavy snow, with ambulances and rescue workers even getting stranded in the snow.

According to County Executive Mark Poloncarz, there have been at least 37 documented weather-related fatalities in Erie County, New York, with three of the deaths being blamed on EMS delays.

Aughtry declared that she was concerned for White’s life because no one was coming to help.

“The National Guard has been contacted. I dialed 911. They keep telling me that I am on a list even after I have phoned everyone. On her livestream, Aughtry declared, “I don’t want to be on a list. “I’m not concerned with anything else. This man is not going to pass away right here.

She claimed that eventually, her pleadings were heard.

Another Facebook video of Aughtry and some men bringing White to the hospital on Christmas Eve was published by Aughtry. She explained, “I’m in the car with him and several good Samaritans who arrived and cleared us out of the snow.”

According to Aughtry, one of the men claimed to have seen her first Facebook video and has since been over to assist.

Aughtry is seen comforting White in the backseat of the car as they travel to the hospital on the livestream.

Joe, you’re doing a great job, she said. Just remember to breathe, right?

His family Says That He Is Making A Full Recovery

White arrived at the hospital Sunday night and is currently recovering in the ICU with fourth-degree frostbite, according to his sister Yvonne White, who spoke to CNN.

She stated, “I’m hoping and praying for the best.”

When Aughtry took in her older brother, who has developmental disabilities and is in a group home, Yvonne White claimed it was “miraculous” that he remembered her phone number.

Ray Barker, White’s boss, claimed that after leaving his group home early on Christmas Eve during the weather, White became lost.

White might have assumed he had to report to work even though he had the day off, according to Barker.
Barker told CNN that “he was in a mess.” And it’s obvious that (Aughtry) saved his life.

Also appreciative of Aughtry, who according to White’s sister now feels like family, was White.

She told CNN, “We were all trying to help each other and it was beautiful.” She stated, referring to Aughtry and her sons, “And now I feel like I have a sister and three nephews.”

White works at North Park Theater, where Barker is the program director, and has known him for more than 30 years. White has worked at the theater since 1980, making her the employee with the longest tenure.

According to Barker, “theatre is essentially his whole life.”

We’ve been genuinely concerned about Joe, added Barker. We are eager for him to return to the theater since we are confident that he is now receiving excellent medical treatment.

Aughtry and White’s fundraisers were initiated by the theater, and they have collectively raised more than $50,000. The theater also posted a tribute to Aughtry and her lover Trent on its marquee.

“Thank you, Trent and Sha’Kyra. It says, “Get well soon, Joe.”

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